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May 25, 2013

Misguided Education Reform

Much as our political system is being reshaped by mountains of conservative money, a similar effort is being made to reshape American Public Education along the same lines: anti-union, anti-teacher, authoritarian, etc.

A brilliant article by Nicholas Lehmann in the New Republic spotlights the poster child for this movement, Michele Rhee (http://www.newrepublic.com/article/113096/how-michelle-rhee-misled-education-reform).

Mr. Lehmann points out that the schools that cater to the rich backers of Ms. Rhee, the ones the children of these rich masters of the universe attend, do not offer anything like what Ms. Rhee advocates. There is no high stakes testing, teachers are not paid based upon student performance and anti-unionism isn’t rampant. There is, instead, the very best of what American education has been all along.

So, this is class warfare at it’s highest levels. They get the best, the drones (the rest of us) get what we need for us to take our pre-destined place in society. Night, night, American Dream.

Well, done, Mr. Lehmann!

Is it any wonder so many of us advocate taxing the rich. Just as we wouldn’t let  a child play with fire or firearms because they could hurt themselves or others, we can’t afford what these people want to do with their “play money.” Take it away until they prove more responsible.


  1. The name of the Org is “Students First.” They (Conservatives) do this deliberately, don’t they? It’s almost as if its an open joke… a mockery.


    Comment by john zande — May 25, 2013 @ 9:02 am | Reply

    • They have had practice, for example naming the bill that takes away our rights “The Patriot Act.”


      Comment by stephenpruis — May 25, 2013 @ 9:24 am | Reply

      • Exactly. What was the name of the bill two weeks ago, the one that ruined pay for workers overtime?


        Comment by john zande — May 25, 2013 @ 9:26 am | Reply

        • The Working Families Flexibility Act (sic). Assholes.

          These idiots probably do not even understand the original law which was designed to make sure that more people were working, instead of fewer working and hoarding all of the hours. It wasn’t a greedy worker law, but an anti-greedy employer law. Employers who could just expand the work week whenever they felt like it (and this was done over and over) had no inclination to hire more people.


          Comment by stephenpruis — May 25, 2013 @ 9:37 am | Reply

          • If the semantics game keeps going down this path a 2016 GM Food Bill will be title the: Orgasms for All Act 🙂


            Comment by john zande — May 25, 2013 @ 9:49 am | Reply

            • Hey, I’ll vote for that one! And I am old enough to remember when GM stood for General Motors and not Genetically Modified.

              Actually all of our food is genetically modified. The question is to what degree. Putting trout genes in tomatoes seems a bit extreme to me.


              Comment by stephenpruis — May 25, 2013 @ 10:00 am | Reply

              • You’re going to hate me, but I’m going to post this exert from Fourat’s book: Random Rationality:

                “When someone says that because we’ve inserted fish genes into a vegetable that that is unnatural and should not be sold or consumed by people; then they only show their ignorance of the human genome essentially being the same genome copied twice over of the amphioxus fish-like marine chordate (the first vertebrate — we are fish variants). They are unaware that evolution uses the same things over and over and again and again in all manner of different animals and plants. Just because some few genes are taken out of a fish does not mean that those genes are only found in fish. Besides, once it is taken out, it is no longer a fish gene, it is a set of genes that code for a specific function; putting it in a non-fish genome does not make that new modified genome more fish-like; it only adds that function that those new genes code for. Is it any wonder that applying common-sense reasoning to evolution leads one astray? No, of course not.”


                Comment by john zande — May 25, 2013 @ 10:04 am | Reply

                • Actually that wasn’t my point. My point is “how much experience do we have in putting any genes not already found in a tomato into a tomato?” Cross-breeding variants of the tomato with one another leads to new tomatoes. Taking genes we think we understand and putting them where we think they may do some good is based on our understanding which, I will admit, isn’t always up to the task. I am not agaist GM; I am for “trasparency.” (Why do we say when we want to see things we want “transparency?” Air is transparent and you can’t see it!

                  Plus, it was the only GM I could remember! ;o)

                  And the word you were looking for but your fingers couldn’t find is “excerpt.” (I scored! I scored! Hey, in a battle of wits with you I would only be half prepared!)

                  Your friend in Chicago,



                  Comment by stephenpruis — May 25, 2013 @ 10:45 am | Reply

                  • 🙂

                    I’m with you on the GM. My jury is still out. I can see the benefits, but i am weary.


                    Comment by john zande — May 25, 2013 @ 10:54 am | Reply

                    • Wary? or weary? Are the fingers workin’ tuday, mate? ;o)

                      Our concerns hardly matter because trying to get in the way of the Monsantos of the world’s quest for profits is taking the whole planet down. All I can think of is that student standing in front of a tank in Tienamin Square (sp?). And we all know how well it worked out for that movement.


                      Comment by stephenpruis — May 25, 2013 @ 11:05 am

                    • Cold here today… fingers all sized up 🙂


                      Comment by john zande — May 25, 2013 @ 11:21 am

                    • You funny man! Go out and stick them in the compost pile; it is warm in there.


                      Comment by stephenpruis — May 26, 2013 @ 7:57 am

  2. You get the sense that when the corporate media promotes people like Ms. Rhee as they did in NBC’s “Education Nation” a few years back, that they are promoting what the plutocracy in this country wants.


    Comment by lbwoodgate — May 25, 2013 @ 9:10 am | Reply

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