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March 6, 2013

Republican Strategy: Chaos

I read quite a few blogs. I like none of them better than Paul Krugman’s at the N.Y. Times. I am not alone as Dr. Krugman’s blog is apparently the most followed blog produced by a single individual. Krugman’s blog is a waft of clear thinking in a veritable torrent of illogic and even he spends a great deal of time wondering why people believe in ideas that have been disproved over and over (he calls them “zombie ideas” and “cockroaches”).

At first, I thought such beliefs stemmed from stupidity. I am convinced it is when it comes to quite a few individuals, but it is really part of a grand scheme both simple and profound.

I want you to never, ever, forget the GOP’s #1 Goal (no, not the presidency), it is the diminishment of the federal government until it can no longer stand in the way of the GOP’s corporate masters. (Which is appalling in that the corporate class has won almost every battle so far. Their greed seems insatiable.)

Their strategy, currently at least, is chaos. In order to undermine both the effectiveness of the federal government and people’s confidence in it, it serves for example to make Congress look like a clown car. Ridicule of and disgust with Congress both serve the attainment of the goal.

Ridiculous Benghazi protests during Secretary of Defense confirmation hearings, which were neither in the purview of that office, nor of the nominee, serve to create headlines, headaches for the President, and take up time in which real business could be done. Getting real business done, that is serving the needs of the American people, does not serve the interests of the Repubs, so distractions, obfuscations, and illogic are the rule of the day.

This is nowhere else so clear in the GOP’s economic plans: Paul Ryan is first for privatizing Medicare, then he is for saving it, then elders over 55 are off limits, then they are the target. How can one deal with such moving targets? That is their point. One cannot. Once President Obama has agreed to any plan, the GOP changes their demands, because settling any of the chaos is not in their best interests. Hey, there will be a “Grand Bargain” on the economy . . . uh, no there won’t be . . . wait, there will be . . . uh, nope they changed their minds and so on.

The GOP’s strategy is to continuously stir the political cauldron and make sure nothing happens. They can run on a “Washington is dysfunctional” basis in relatively safe districts and retain enough power to continue on this path indefinitely.

At least until people realize that Washington is dysfunctional because of the Republicans. They are not the cure; they are the disease.


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  1. Huh! I’d no sooner finished replying to a post on another blog with the words, “No one benefits from chaos,” and i see this article!

    I think the GOP are betting on people’s inability to remember. They’re not alone. There’s a politician down here, Marta: a horrible, corrupt, self-serving bitch if there ever was one. Standing in front of camera’s 5-odd years ago after some hearing into her dealings she said (and its recorded) “You people are so dumb, so pathetic… No one will remember and I’ll be re-elected. I guarantee it”

    She was not only re-elected, she went onto the federal senate and is today a cabinet minister.


    Comment by john zande — March 6, 2013 @ 9:43 am | Reply

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