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January 18, 2013

Republican Party Casts Off Conservative Label

The GOP, once proud to have labeled itself as the party of conservatives has cast off that label. True conservatives stand for traditional values, law-and-order, and the stability provided by societal institutions such as the military, the church, the police, and other authorities because without them society would dissolve into chaos.

But Republicans are siding with violent extremists who insist on having the ability to stockpile large quantities of weaponry of enough firepower to attack our military and police forces. They want no restrictions to be made on high power, reloadable, rapid fire guns, the kinds that police forces around the country say are designed to be “cop killers.”

Republicans are undermining family values by trying again and again to restrict the ability of organizations like Planned Parenthood to assist families in creating secure, manageable families. Republicans are trying to restrict access to contraceptives that over 94% of all women, even 92% of all Catholic women, say they need to manage their families. Republicans oppose providing food stamps, health care support, and unemployment compensation to families with young children, effectively breaking up those families and casting the children into poverty.

Republicans are also supporting government intrusion into religions by granting rights previously only the religious have had to secular corporations, attempting to get the U.S. declared a Christian nation which if done will open the door to becoming a Muslim nation one day, and Republicans in Florida have opened the way for religion, yes even the Muslin religion with Sharia law, to be taught in Florida’s public schools through their school voucher systems.

Republican legislatures around the country are looking for and adopting ways to ensure that officials can be elected by minorities of the electorate. In effect they are trying to make it possible for extremist groups to steal elections. Current efforts involve, for example, rigging Electoral College votes to come out the opposite from the popular vote, so our presidential candidates can win the popular vote by many millions of votes, but would still lose to the candidate chosen by the GOP. Other efforts are to prevent people of color from even having the opportunity to vote, preferring a “one white man, one vote” system instead.

Republicans keep blocking attempts at instituting free enterprise by insisting that wealthy corporations must be subsidized by middle-class tax payers. Open, free markets cannot work with such socialist intervention, but Republicans don’t see that any more.

Republicans have abandoned their commitment to limited government by trying to regulate even small aspects of people’s private lives, even down to what an individual’s doctor can say to his patients in the privacy of his own office. Republicans want to regulate who can marry whom, want to regulate what health care provider you may see (only one’s you can pay for out of pocket and which don’t provide abortions). This is an unprecedented expansion of government into the private lives of ordinary citizens.

The party that once proclaimed “my country, right or wrong” has changed its message to “you’re on your own.”

True conservatives seem unmoored by this abandonment by the Republican Party and will soon be looking to form another party, one that supports a true conservative outlook on American politics and life.



  1. In Australia i pretty much supported the Liberal Party, which is the Australian conservatives… although i was utterly ashamed (along with 81% of the country) of Howard cow-toeing us into Iraq. They pretty much lost my support after that, but I’m not kidding, the Liberals are more left than the Democrats in the US. It was the Liberals who enacted the full weapons ban back in the 90’s. Funding for the arts often goes up under liberal governments, which i’m a big fan of. Alas, i am truly shocked at what the American conservatives have become. It belies explanation. They are truly a danger to the United States.


    Comment by john zande — January 19, 2013 @ 2:00 pm | Reply

    • We no longer have a liberal party. The Democrats are centrists (Obama is slight to the right of Pres. Eisenhower) and the GOP is in right-wing la-la land. I don’t know what they would do if they were confronted with a true liberal–possibly their heads would explode. Wait a minute….


      Comment by stephenpruis — January 19, 2013 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

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