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December 18, 2012

Let’s Go Over the Effing Cliff!

Once again, we are observing a false debate in Washington, D.C. (over the so-called pending “fiscal cliff”) and our elected representatives are arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin rather than tackle real issues. So, I say, let’s just go over the fiscal cliff.

If we do wait until the next term to do anything about our fiscal situation, I think some clarity can be had. First of all, the dire warnings of the pundit class are probably somewhat overblown. Our economy is more robust that many people think. Also, studies have shown, I have been told, that while there is an immediate impact from doing this, that out prospects a few years down the road are better than any of the other scenarios.

If we were to do this, to wait, then Republicans and Democrats would actually have something real to negotiate and would be in the position of trading off hits they took from falling off the cliff. The Republicans could restore some of the defense cuts, trading off some of the things Democrats want and maybe, just maybe, they would begin to do the people’s business. Plus, there would be some built-in urgency.

The Bush tax cuts were a bad idea in the first place, so seeing them go would be restoring some sanity. Then maybe the fervor for making the rich pay their fair share could switch to corporate taxes and estate taxes where it belongs, well and even higher tax brackets for those making over $10 million a year, $100 million a year, and $1 billion a year. Hey, they can afford it, those making over $1 billion a year are making over $500,000 per hour, and I don’t care what you do: brain surgeon, nuclear scientist, Large Hadron Accelerator Operator, etc., nobody is worth that much. (Of course, the only people making over a billion are hedge fund managers and all they do is push paper.)

This has been a false crisis from the get-go and hearing all of the hubbub about it is making me ill.

Now, some say that that this would play into the Republican’s hands (something, Dear Reader, I would never do) by allowing them to create another crisis from a debt ceiling debate.

This again is another false crisis. The Republicans say they must do this because otherwise they cannot get any meaningful cuts to government spending. Hello? Maybe somebody should tell the Republicans that it is the Congress that has the powers of the purse strings, at least according to, you know, the Constitution. That very same document says that all revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives, in which the Republicans have a substantial majority.

If the Republicans want spending cuts, all they have to do is pass bills for those cuts that will pass the Senate and be signed by the President and only the House can do this! Of course, they would actually have to drop the pens they are using to write yet more anti-abortion legislation and start talking seriously to the House Democrats to do so, but isn’t that what they were elected to do?

Over the cliff, I say! Tally ho!


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