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December 5, 2012

What’s Going to Happen When You Are Proven Wrong?

Dear Republican Legislators:

I am writing to you regarding your denial of the significance of Global Climate Change. I am not writing to you about the facts, in that if you aren’t swayed by 98% of global climate scientists being on the other side of the balance from you and your only evidence is the large campaign donations you are taking from energy companies, I don’t think you are susceptible to arguments from facts. I am not writing you in some vague hope you could be convinced of your error through science. I am writing about the political consequences if you are proven wrong.

I only say “if” instead of “when” because liberals, unlike conservatives, are not absolutely sure about anything. I do ask you to think about the political consequences when you are proven wrong, yes, a hypothetical. So, just immerse yourself in the idea that the public wakes up one day to absolute proof that Global Climate Change is real and there are severe consequences in the form of coastal flooding, shifts in arable land positions, etc. “Oh, my gosh,” they will exclaim. “It was true all along,” they will say. Then they will ask why you didn’t believe all of the experts. They will ask why you opposed doing anything until it was too late to do much of anything effectively.

What are you going to say?

“But this will never happen,” you say. And I ask “Are you so sure?”

If you are wrong, will anyone vote Republican ever again? Will you have to close shop and open under a new name? (You are incorporated, no. It is standard business procedure, no?)

“People will forget,” you say. Do you think that is so when there will be daily disastrous reminders of your error?

I guess I am asking “Are you willing to bet your party’s existence?” That’s a nice little party you’ve got going there, it would be a shame if anything happened to it.

Your friend,

The Class Warfare Blog

PS Yes, yes, we will continually remind people that you obstructed any action to counter the effects of Global Climate Change because you were just receiving too much money to do otherwise. We won’t let people forget your significant contributions to this issue, uh, disaster.



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  1. I know what they will say – somehow global warming will be Al Gore and Obama’s fault. And yes, even after New York, Miami and New Orleans are all underwater and the Southwest is no longer habitable because of the constant drought, there will still be millions people voting for Republicans. Because of tax cuts, and because God told them to.


    Comment by List of X — December 5, 2012 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

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