Uncommon Sense

November 13, 2012

And They Blame . . . the Candidate?

Once one has rejected reality in favor of a more comforting fantasy world, it is hard to come to one’s senses. When “Mitt Romney’s landslide” turned into quicksand, Republican pundits have been racing around grasping first one, then another, person or situation to blame for the difference between their world and the real world. Rush Limbaugh even went so far to say that he predicted that he would get the blame. (Rush still thinks it is all about him. The only thing bigger than Rush on his landscape is his ego.)

And there are plenty who point to Mitt Romney as a focus of their ire. He was the cause of the shocking loss, they say. Look at the popular vote—if they’d of had a true conservative, they would have won, they say. This is amazing to me. Ignoring the fact that the popular vote is irrelevant as claimed by the Republicans themselves (see the 2000 election in which their candidate won with fewer votes than his opponent), Romney lost 332-203 in the Electoral College, the only vote that counts, a crushing defeat. But to blame him, amazing. One pundit says that the were “blaming him for sinking after supplying him with cement overshoes.”

In the real world we know that the Republican Party, in recent memory, was able to elect as president a recovering alcoholic of mediocre caliber and intelligence . . . twice! . . . even though one heartbeat from the presidency was the modern equivalent of Dr. Strangelove, Dick Cheney, an electoral handicap if there ever was one. And these folks blame Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two squeaky clean, smart enough candidates for the loss. WTF?

All I can say to these complainers is: look in the mirror; and you may find what you are looking for.

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