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November 9, 2012

How Obama Won (It’s Effing Brilliant!)

I have finally deciphered how it was that the President captured a second term.

Stay with me, now. The first election after the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates of political money (from corporations and “one percenters”) was the 2010 mid-term elections and the Democrats were kind of swamped by the amount of money the Republicans raised. But this forewarned them as to what was needed to secure President Obama’s re-election.

So, they raised money and raised money. But so did the Republicans, but so much money was spent during the primaries that Mitt Romney emerged almost broke, so more money needed to be raised, and so they did. Which, of course, the Democrats had to match.

The result was over 2 billion dollars was spent in the presidential campaign alone. Two billion dollars spent at printers, on aides, for TV ad time and creative people to make those ads, on bunting and pizza and myriad other things. And those people took their money and went out and spent that money and the people who got that money spent it too. (It’s called the multiplier effect—look it up.)

The result? The injection of 3-4 billion dollars of spending tipped the unemployment rate from just over 8% to just under 8% and the President’s re-election was secured.

Citizen’s United and a boatload of Republican spending stimulated the economy, thus neutralizing what they thought was their trump card in the election.

It’s brilliant, I tells yuh! Brilliant!


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