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November 8, 2012

Is That Not Government Support of a Religion?

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Apparently the Catholic Church’s bishops of the U.S. are peeved that President Obama was re-elected in that Mr. Obama is such a staunch attacker of our constitutional freedom of religion.


Oh, apparently the ruckus is about the bishop’s problem with their church’s secular institutions (not the religious institutions, mind you) being required to provide birth control support as part of their employee’s health benefit packages. Never mind that their secular, profit making endeavors are tax exempt for reasons that are beyond me. I can read the Constitution and recognize the founders not wanting the State to start it’s own religion. I can see that (so can you, it is just “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”) but I do not see how it is that profit making enterprises of churches should go untaxed.

But I divert myself. I assume these bishops intended us to disregard the many instances in which their health insurance policies already provided such service. (A local loud condemner of this provision of Obamacare, Wheaton College, was chagrined to find out their policy has covered contraception for years, for example.) I suspect that they intended us to ignore the statistics that show that 98% of non-Catholic U.S. women avail themselves of some sort of birth control during their lives and that 92% of Catholic women do so also.

What the Catholic bishops want is for the federal government to enforce a policy of theirs that they themselves cannot enforce.

Is that not a request for government support of a religion?

Possibly we need a constitutional amendment protecting us from religion.


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