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October 8, 2012

Political Memes Die Hard (Kill the Liberal Press . . . Kill! . . . Kill!)

I heard the phrase “the liberal press” the other day and was struck by it, by its quaintness, by its anachronistic quality.

Many people do not realize that the idea of “the liberal press” was part of an orchestrated campaign to destroy the freedom of the press, guaranteed by the constitution, and replace it with what we have now, corporate media. Six corporations own basically all of the radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers. All of the news organizations have been transformed from “public service” status to “profit or perish” status. Consequently we now have biased infotainment instead of news.

You have probably heard of the now infamous “Powell Memo” that laid out the strategy to do away with the ”the liberal media,” amongst other things. (Powell was given a Supreme Court seat, partly in gratitude for his strategy.) Realize that there never was such a thing as “the liberal media/press.” If anything, the news media had a center-right balance point. Consider, as partial proof, the “newspaper moguls” of the past: Robert McCormick of the Chicago Tribune, William Randolph Hearst of the Hearst publications empire, etc. They were all fire-breathing conservatives. I can’t recall a single liberal newspaper giant.

And if one is really, really conservative, then all of the media from the liberal edge of conservatism through liberal to the far left is all “liberal” to you. (The jokes ran “According to XYZ, Attila the Hun was a liberal.”) So, the meme of “the liberal press,” what we call today a “talking point” or “buzz word,” was launched to do its work. (A meme is the social equivalent of a biological gene, being self-replicating, etc.) So, bang the drum they did, and not slowly. Many are still banging it (attacking the press is still a Republican mainstay, even though they are attacking allies now). I guess they didn’t get the “the war is over” memo.

Ronald Reagan got into the act with the repeal of the “Fairness Act” which required publishers to present balanced viewpoints (the minority party response to a major presidential speech is a hangover from that era; it is no longer required), which lead the way to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News (“Fair and Balanced” is their motto, a big lie if there ever was one). The SEC was also taken over to grease the skids, as it were.

With the corporate takeover of the news, the only news we hear or see is that which serves corporate interests. For example, have you heard about how effective the economic sanctions against Iran producing nuclear weapons have been? No? They have been very, very successful. Hmm, I wonder who benefits from us not knowing that? The military-industrial complex, maybe? Or maybe the conservative anti-Obama crowd?

We didn’t lose our freedom of the press. It was taken from us in an orchestrated attack on the truly free press we used to have.

Things will not get better until we get it back.

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  1. Very well stated!!!


    Comment by thejumbledmind — October 8, 2012 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

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