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August 23, 2012

Legitimate Christian Conservative Confusion or Maybe the Church Lady Got It Right

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The Republican presidential campaign spent the entire week off message . . . again. This week they have been scurrying around denying that their abortion policy is not what they have always insisted it is. The Republicans feel there should be a federal law banning abortion with no exceptions. No, they don’t. Yes, they do. No! Yes! No! Gosh!

I commented on this in my last post with:

Your 13-year old daughter has been brutally beaten and raped.
While in the hospital an official of the government visited the family to explain that,
if the rape resulted in a pregnancy, your daughter would have to bear the child.

How would you feel if this were your daughter?

So the presidential and vice-presidential candidates have been saying that certainly they would allow exceptions for rape or incest, uh, this week, anyway. Unfortunately the Republican platform came out this week saying “. . . no exceptions,” as it did in 2008 and as it did in 2004. Romney has declared to be for a personhood amendment to the Constitution which automatically gets us to “no exceptions,” and Ryan has sponsored any number of bills in the House to the same effect.

Confusion, confusion about rapists, right here in River City!

One aspect of this problem no one seems to be talking about are the theological bases for their stringent requirement. They claim they believe in the “sanctity of human life” (this is also in the Republican Platform) and that the baby shouldn’t be punished for the crime of the rapist. They say that God has a plan for that baby. Except, in claiming this they are denying any real power to Satan, aka the Devil. Most folks would probably say that Satan was behind the rapist, not God. And if that baby is part of Satan’s plan, should it be saved?

But that baby is innocent, they say. Uh, no, not according to scripture. These folks, who are all hot to declare a fertilized ovum, a zygote, a human being in fact and in law, seem to forget that their religion is really big on Original Sin. That baby is not only not an innocent, in fact it is going to burn in Hell, unless it gets saved, and only a very, very few will actually get saved. It’s chances are at best one in a million, so why the fuss?

If they instead claim that God was the motivator of the rapist (in that if that baby is part of God’s plan, then it was a planned pregnancy) and if God motivates rapists, then it is hard to see that God isn’t the motivator of all other atrocities in life, which kind takes the fun out of worship services.

These folks are confused about rape, they are confused about the role of law, they are confused about individual rights, and they are confused about their religion. I guess it is no surprise that they are also quite confused about evolution, climate change, economics, and much else.

The Church Lady could identify the source of their confusion if only she were around to be asked. I am sure she would say “Could it be . . . Satan?”

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