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August 15, 2012

New Republicanism and Social Darwinism

Now, I know a title including references to Republicans and Charles Darwin is combustible, but hear me out. Those Republicans of a very conservative stripe are also often conservative Christians who equate Darwin with evolution and evolution with “atheist plot to undermine the ‘Word of God.’” I know this and I do not tackle this topic lightly.

My point here is that Republicans have painted themselves as “fiscal conservatives” when they are clearly not. The past three Republican presidents have outspent the last three Democratic presidents by far (in relative terms, that is adjusted for inflation, etc.). They are definitely “social conservatives” but most certainly not fiscal conservatives.

The “New Republicans” are, in fact, Social Darwinists. Social Darwinists have nothing to do with Charles Darwin; these are people who took simplest forms of evolution theory (“survival of the fittest,” etc.) and applied it to our social order. New Republicans think “riches” equates to “success.” Consequently rich people are “more evolved” and more fit to make decisions for the rest of us. Since “money = success,” they want to keep more of their money, money they do not need, as an indicator of their success and right to rule. (Mitt Romney made more money in two months in 2011, than I have in my entire life and he did it without lifting a finger. (He was unemployed.) I have a hard time believing that he “needed” that money: wanted, yes, needed, no.)

Some New Republicans are even advocates of novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand who wrote, somewhat notoriously, that the rich were not like you and me . . . they were better and should be heeded.

Unfortunately for them, real Darwinism is based on reproductive success. And the Masters of Money are making some real mistakes. They not only want control, they want recognition; they want to flaunt their power so that people will take notice. So, they back social issues like abortion prevention and denial of reproductive care, including contraception. The real Darwinian consequence of this is that the proportion of black and brown people in our society will increase and the proportion of white people will decrease (based simply on current birth rates). Since most of the Money Masters are white, this is a loss of power, not a gain. But in their arrogance, they think they can pull the wool over our eyes so we do not rise up and retaliate against their rule.

Are they right?


  1. Excellent post. When one equates money with success then, yes, they are the most successful. I’ve never been one to make that connection, nor have I ever equated being rich with intelligence. To answer your question, I think that they “had” pulled the wool over our eyes, but it is being pulled back now as people are waking up.


    Comment by thejumbledmind — August 15, 2012 @ 11:58 am | Reply

  2. The ‘cult of the individual’ is what embodies the GOP philosophy:
    Paul Ryan And Ayn Rand


    Comment by xraymike79 — August 15, 2012 @ 11:37 pm | Reply

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