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August 6, 2012

The Olympic Curmudgeon

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The Olympics as a sporting event have become bloated, corporatized, and increasingly politicized. As an apprentice curmudgeon I would offer a few suggestions to reduce the size, cost, and politics involved in the Olympic Games.

1. Remove all team sports. Do we really need a basketball championship dominated by NBA players? Water polo? Team handball? Soccer? Baseball? Team Archery? Eliminate sports in which one superstar can raise the placement of an otherwise mediocre team.

2. Eliminate all sports in which participating athletes, anywhere in the world, make over $10 million annually (in salary and prize purses, not endorsements). There go soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, . . .

3. Remove all sports that involve judges. How about that judge who awarded a boxing victory to a boxer who was punched to the canvas six times . . . in the last round? How about the ice skating judges in the Winter Olympics? Is any judging system fair? No. Off with them!

4. Remove all sports that include the words “pair,” “synchronized,” “doubles,” “eights,” etc. Let individuals compete. Again, eliminate sports in which one superstar can raise the placement of an otherwise mediocre team.

5. Eliminate sports in which the equipment needed to participate cannot be lifted by the athlete. Okay would be sports like running (shoes), shooting (gun), ski jumping (skis), pole vaulting (pole), weight lifting (obviously). Gone would be sailing, equestrian, and snow mobile acrobatics.

There, nice and tidy, affordable, and still interesting. Individuals competing using their bodies for themselves. Let the Games begin!

Oh, I forgot my previous recommendation! Replace the Opening Ceremonies with an official saying “Let the Games begin!” and the Closing Ceremonies could be replaced with the same official saying “Please join us for the next Winter Games in (location) on (date) and Summer Games in (location) on (date). Thank you for watching.”

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  1. I hope you not proposing that we go back to the way Olympics were 2200 years ago, with athletes competing in the nude, etc. 🙂
    I don’t think the team sports in the Olympics are the problem. Yes, a superstar can improve the chances of a mediocre team, but such a team will still be highly unlikely to win any medal. Besides, a lot of the team sports, and the sports where highest-paid athletes compete, are among the most watchable. And I don’t think removing the best-paid athletes from the Games is a good idea – how much does a gold medal really worth if you only have to compete against 2nd tier athletes? I agree on 3 and 5, and 3 should take care of a lot of the sports in 4.
    And finally, how about the countries actually stop all military operations during the Games?


    Comment by List of X — August 6, 2012 @ 10:43 pm | Reply

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