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July 24, 2012

An Open Letter to President and Mrs. Obama

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Dear President and Mrs. Obama,

I have received two very nice requests from you and your family for donations to the re-election campaign of the President. I may still make a contribution but I feel I must explain why I have not done so to date.

I am inclined to send you what money I can, even though as a retired teacher I do not have much in the way of expendable funds, because the election of Mr. Romney is unthinkable. Mr. Romney has proven himself a willing tool of the corporate and monied interests which are currently eroding what little democracy we have left. Mr. Romney has neither core values nor convictions and, hence, will do as he is told, for which, I am sure, Mr. Grover Norquist will be grateful. Mr. Romney proudly claims that he tithes a great deal of money to his church, money being the thing he has the most of so he is giving something of little value to him, but his actions do not show any particular moral or religious stamp. Plus the chosen recipient of his largess spends only a tiny fraction of their income on charity. So, I believe electing Mr. Romney would just be ceding even more control of our lives to the aforementioned corporate and monied interests.

You, on the other hand, have done very, very little to oppose those corporate and monied interests which are buying our politicians and judges. You decided not to pursue any of the criminal elements in the Bush administration, which paid you no credit with the “loyal opposition.” You decided not to break up the banks too big to fail and they repaid your generosity not with chagrined humility but with executive bonuses and myriad lobbyists still working to gut the Dodd-Frank Act. You decided to not try for a single-payer health insurance scheme, even though as a bargaining chip, it could have been cashed for the program you eventually backed. (“Well, if you don’t like my single-payer plan, what about the plan you created? I could get behind that” has a nice ring to it; it might have steered the discussion differently.) You have also not tried to restore the power balance between labor and capital. The onslaught of corporate and monied interests against organized labor has reduced the level of union jobs in this country to one-third the percentage of Canada, with which we were at par in the 1970s. (Canada has a single-payer health care system because the unions there pulled for it, not just for themselves, but for everybody.) Myriad anti-union measures have been rammed through under Republican administrations and under your administration unions have received at best benign neglect. And who else but unions fight for working people?

Rhetoric will not save the middle class, only action. That action must be in opposition to the forces of corporate and monied interests, which through conservative think tanks and oceans of political money are gutting the American Dream.

I will probably send your campaign a check because I have more hope in you than in who else is offered, but that hope is just that . . . hope. Please act before it is too late.

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  1. Excellent!


    Comment by thejumbledmind — July 24, 2012 @ 12:22 pm | Reply

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