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July 13, 2012

Freedom from the Health Care Mandate, My Ass!

Republicans were howling that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional, but now that it is, they are adrift and flailing around for other levers to pull. The fascinating thing is that the health insurance boffins are ecstatic as people will now be “forced” to purchase health insurance, so I wonder what the Republican crocodile tears are all about. (They sure weren’t crying when they cashed all of those checks from the health insurance industry during the debate of the ACA.)

Before anyone goes overboard about the “mandate” let’s take a reality check. I want you get all of your friends and neighbors together, in your back yard is okay. Count them up. If you don’t have 100 people, scrounge up some more neighbors or even more distant relatives until you do. Now, once you have 100 people in your yard, how many of these folks, do you think, will have to pay the mandate? The Republicans are leading you to think that all of them will, but the best estimate is . . . two. The other 98 already have insurance through their work or privately while some of them will receive government help to buy a policy. That’s it. We are talking about two out of every hundred. And these people are freeloaders. Republicans are whining about the freedom to be freeloaders!

 “Republicans are whining about the freedom to be freeloaders!” 

Because these people don’t have insurance, they get free care (legally mandated by the way) at a local emergency room (read “most expensive care”) which is paid for by the hospital increasing what the rest of us pay for services. The most recent estimate of costs indicates that freeloaders are responsible for 10% of all of the health care costs incurred in the country. Republicans used to preach this mandate as an example of “personal responsibility,” but I guess they have rescinded the label  “The Party of Personal Responsibility” they used to revel in.

Realize that the penalty involved is substantially less money than paying for a policy, so the freeloaders are getting off easy and still the Republicans are whining about the loss of these poor freeloader’s “freedom.”

Think about it: if you want to use the highways, even in a bus, you pay a tax (through fuel taxes and your bus fare). If you want to drive your own car, you are required to have an insurance policy and pay taxes (fuel, registration, etc.). If you want to buy a house, the bank requires you to buy mortgage insurance. If you want to be a contractor, you need to be bonded (insured). If you want to practice medicine in a hospital, you must have a medical malpractice insurance policy. Agency after agency, governmental and nongovernmental, require us to buy insurance policies.

This is no different . . . it is just the Republicans hate Obama more than they love America. Otherwise they would be in favor of this Republican generated policy.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Last Of The Millenniums and commented:
    Great response! It needs to be said over and over until more people are asking to know the truth rather then just accepting the lie.


    Comment by fatherkane — July 14, 2012 @ 7:33 am | Reply

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