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February 2, 2012

Neutralize the Super PACs!

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The SCOTUS decision in Citizen’s United has opened the flood gates of unrestricted political money from billionaires and corporations. The technique is simple and easy. First a “Super Political Action Committee” or Super PAC is created and then unlimited amounts of money can be raised and spent on political campaigns (as long as the Super PAC doesn’t, you know, coordinate (wink, wink) its efforts with a campaign’s). There is even a way to do this as a non-profit organization so that your donors never need to be divulged.

Recent required reports from Super PACs show that one of them has raised more money than all of the Republican presidential candidates, save Mitt Romney, combined. As you might expect, this is a Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney.

This money is swamping our political process and has to be neutralized and since 95% of this Super PAC money is spent on TV and Radio advertisements, the way to do this is to get people to stop watching and listening to political ads. This will render all of this money, no matter the source, ineffective. These ads are full of innuendo, lies, half truths, and worse, so there is no great loss.

I have stopped watching and listening. If you stop, there will be two of us. If we each of us gets another person to stop, there will be four of us, and pretty soon there will be a movement! Wait a minute, wait a minute, this whole plan was laid out in 1966 . . . by Arlo Guthrie, Woody’s boy, on how to disrupt the draft during the Vietnam War.

You know, if one person, just one person does it they may think he’s really sick and
they won’t take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony,
they may think they’re both faggots and they won’t take either of them.
And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in
singin’ a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out. They may think it’s an
organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said
fifty people a day walking in singin’ a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and
walking out. And friends they may thinks it’s a movement.
from “Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie

And you don’t even have to be able to sing to:

Stop Watching and Listening to Political Ads!

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