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February 1, 2012

Church and State, Should “Hands Off” be Mutual?

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The Supreme Court recently ruled that church enterprises such as schools don’t have to follow federal laws pertaining to their workers. The case involved a teacher at a religious school who got sick and when she returned from treatment found that she had been fired. This is illegal in the U.S. unless, apparently, you work for an institution owned by a religious group.

I tend to think this was a wrong headed decision in that the SCOTUS just took out their ten foot pole with its ten foot extension and said that religious schools have the right to determine who should teach their religious classes. Where they erred was the law was intended to protect people from being fired only due to their illness. If there were no other cause, then their legal argument doesn’t hold water as it wasn’t about whether the teacher were fit or even appropriate to teach those classes, it was about whether anyone has the right to fire a worker because they got sick.

My quibbles notwithstanding, it is probably a good thing that the SCOTUS errs on the side of not getting the state involved with religious groups. But, it is notable that religious groups do not hesitate to involve themselves in the business of the state. Consider the immense amount of money and volunteer labor provided by the Mormon Church of California and the U.S. in California’s initiative Prop 8 on gay marriage. I have no problem with Mormon citizens acting politically, but I would rather see the churches mind their own knitting politically.

I wish the authors of the constitution had snuck in the separation of State from Church, as well as the separation of Church and State.

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