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January 24, 2012

Until Then, Just Stop!

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If you aren’t mad as Hell about how the rich and our financial institutions have been corrupting our democracy, I recommend you watch Moyers & Company on PBS. Bill Moyers has been interviewing people who have looked in detail at how the monied interests in this country have captured our government to serve them instead of us. The first two programs in the series can be seen on http://www.BillMoyers.com.

Most of Mr. Moyers guests have concluded that corporate political power must be curbed and it likely will involve a constitutional amendment. David Stockman, former Budget Director under Ronald Reagan, thinks that corporations should not be able to contribute any money at all to political candidates or measures.

A constitutional amendment will take time, quite a bit of it actually, and meanwhile further damage is being done to our democracy. So, in the meantime I recommend that we must exert people power to compensate for the power of corporations and billionaires to spend and spend. As a first step I strongly recommend that we:

Stop watching political advertisements.

If one comes on TV while you are watching, change the channel or go to the bathroom or go get a snack, whatever, just don’t watch. For one, these ads are very poor sources of information. They regularly contain falsehoods and outright lies. They are also a way that political money gets leveraged. For a real person, candidate or surrogate, to talk to a great many people requires a great deal of time and money. Why do all that hard work when you can reach millions with a TV ad? But, we can’t ask questions of TV ads. We can’t challenge a view of a TV ad. TV ads are poor communication and since corporations and billionaires have lots of money, but few people behind them, why let them leverage their influence by absorbing the messages of their ads.

Let them spend their money to no effect.

It is easy to do this, just click on the TV’s remote and voila, the ad is gone. They have spent their millions and gotten nothing out of it. If you like watching what passes for debates today, by all means do so. Read about the candidates and issues, watch serious discussions about candidates and issues on TV. Just make sure that the millions and millions of dollars spent for ads by big sources of political money are wasted by not watching those ads!

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