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December 24, 2011

Onward Christian Soldiers, Mocking Up a War . . .

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The arrival of Christmas Day brings more than typical celebrations as it should also mark an end to the latest iteration of the Fox “News” War on Christmas campaign. Fox “News” has spent more time on their made-up “War on Christmas” than they have ever spent on real news items like the numbers of civilians killed in the real wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, for example. And, as usual, Fox “News” doesn’t bother to check any facts as what they have to contribute is not the way it was or the way it is, but the way they want it to be.

Fox minions criticized a governor who invited people to a “Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony” instead of a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. They apparently couldn’t cut a new governor any slack, even a Republican governor, who apparently just used the same title for the event as the previous governor had used.

On and on Fox “celebrities” have wailed “what would our Founding Fathers think?” Are these are the same Founding Fathers who as Senators and Members of the House of Representatives worked on Christmas Day for the first sixty or seventy years of our existence? Are these are the same Pilgrim founding fathers who banned the celebration of Christmas, including fines for even uttering the term in public? Which Founding Fathers are they talking about?

And, I have to wonder how Christmas Trees became sacred to the Fox “News” crew when there is no tree mentioned in the Christian gospels, nor is Santa Claus. The Christmas Tree was hijacked by earlier Christians, along with the holiday itself, as a way to co-op and diminish pagan traditions. What started out as a winter solstice festival (least daylight of any day of the year) became a celebration of Jesus’ birthday, even though no one truly knows the date he was born.

The Fox “News” people don’t care about the large number of Americans who are not Christians, in fact most Christians don’t care about a large number of other Christians (fundamentalist/evangelical Christians are fond of stating that Catholics are not really Christians and Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr. are both self-professed Christians but are considered cultists by Iowan evangelicals). Yet Fox “News” is still painting any who do not celebrate Christmas as they do as un-American, godless, secular conspiratorial atheists.

Why is Fox “News” tearing down America with lies and innuendo? Is it because they want to rebuild the country in a form more to their liking, history and reality be dammed?

Apparently, yes.

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