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December 15, 2011

‘Sup with the G.O.(W.)P. (Grand Old War Party)?

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Lately every Republican of stature and all of the presidential candidates, save Ron Paul, have excoriated President Obama for ending the war in Iraq. In addition, there have been Republican calls to undertake military strikes in Iran, Pakistan, and other places around the world. What is going on?

Ex VP Cheney has suggested that the Obama administration should have launched an attack on Iran to destroy a drone that was lost in their territory. Cheney, of course, was ignoring his own precedent when one of our military planes wandered into Chinese airspace and was brought down. Then, President Bush asked for the men to be returned, which they were at least after President Bush apologized as demanded by the Chinese. (The plane was returned . . . in pieces after having been studied in great detail.) Cheney rattled no sabers then.

Various Republican presidential candidates want to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites to preempt them from developing nuclear weapons. Others want us to “get tough” with Pakistan.

The great puzzler is the vehemence regarding our withdrawal from Iraq. We still have thousands of troops in Germany and Japan from WWII and in Korea from the Korean War, so I guess these folks are arguing that it is traditional to leave troops behind. Mitt Romney wants us to leave ten, twenty, or thirty thousand troops in Iraq. To do what wasn’t specified, except to “protect their fragile democracy.”

What’s puzzling about this, and I am not referring to the bogus reasons for starting the Iraq War in the first place or Bush and Cheney’s plans to expand the Iraq War into Syria and Iran, is that the agreement requiring us to leave Iraq by the end of 2011 was made by George W. Bush the year before he left office. President Obama is just fulfilling former President Bush’s word. And, by the way, Iraq wants us to leave. Think about it, would we want foreign troops (say, Chinese) permanently camping on our own soil? Or would we want them to leave?

Apparently what is fueling this warmongering behavior is hatred of all things that President Obama has committed to, but in so doing Republicans are creating a stark choice for the current election:

If you like the wars we’ve been conducting and want even more of the same, vote Republican.

If you would rather choose our conflicts more judiciously, vote Democratic.

Makes it kind of an easy choice, no?

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