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December 2, 2011

You Never Have to Offset a (Republican) Tax Cut

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The Internet is awash with videos and quotes of Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, the second ranked Senate Republican, saying that “you should never have to offset the cost of tax cuts on Americans” as late as Jul 11, 2010. Then Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell followed up by indicating that Senator Kyle was speaking for all Republicans, in his humble opinion. Why then am I not surprised that Senate Republicans are adamantly claiming that President Obama’s proposal to extend the payroll tax cut one more year (for 2012) must be offset so as to not increase the federal deficit. Apparently “never” in Jon Kyl’s dictionary amounts to less than 18 months time.

If you are not convinced that Republicans are trying to discredit the entire federal government then this lie should convince you. (Which statement was a lie is up to you: the first, the second, or both.) Whatever opposes President Obama is what the Republicans choose, contradictions be damned. I imagine that were President Obama to sponsor legislation lauding “Mom and Apple Pie” the Republicans would declare it a state right (and socialist) and oppose it.

Anticipating Republican perfidy, President Obama included an offset in the legislation. The tax break for relatively poor people (those who work for . . . eewe . . . wages) would be paid for by a small surcharge tax on incomes exceeding $1 million dollars. Republicans, outraged, huffily stated that we should not raise taxes on Americans during a weak recession recovery. Apparently they didn’t notice that there is no tax increase involved. This is a tax transfer. No new revenue comes to the federal government; the taxes not paid by working people would be paid for by wealthy people.

Apparently Republicans don’t think we will notice, either.

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