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November 21, 2011

Even More Republican Perfidy

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I have written a number of times on the topic of hypocrisy in politics and I have to again. (I just can’t stop myself.) It is truly amazing that Republicans have as a core principle to “get the Federal Government out of people’s lives” yet whenever they have federal power what do they do? Exactly the opposite. While droning on about how the Federal Government should leave most things to the states, our current batch of GOP ideologues in the House of Representatives has a bill making a law that would require all states to honor concealed carry permits granted by other states, “concealed carry” referring to the ability to carry a gun on your person concealed from view.

Think about it. The vast majority of the states already have laws on their books allowing for the concealed carrying of firearms. But some of those persnickety states won’t allow people from other states to use their permits when they travel. Drat them. This is a typical Republican “race to the bottom” strategy. In effect, the state with the lowest standards for granting a permit would drive down the other state’s standards. And I am willing to bet that some state, facing one of their frequent financial crises, will look at such permits as a profit center and start granting them to residents of other states. Currently, for example, since there is no state income tax in the State of Nevada (along with other pro-business provisions) it is very popular to incorporate a business in that state. Their rules only require a post office box and a person designated to act on your behalf in the state. There are multiple businesses offer their services making it cheap and easy to set up a business in Nevada no matter where you live. So, Nevada could, if they haven’t already, granted concealed carry permits to its own residents and anyone who owned a business in the state. If that were done, Nevada’s concealed carry requirements would become those of any state which recognized the permits of other states because if youe states restrictions were too great, you could oppen up a business in Nevada (for less than the price of a handgun) and then get a permit from Nevada that your state would be required to honor.

Why are Republicans doing this? It is a general strategy of theirs. Pass some innocuous bill on the federal level to bind the states to one another and a “race to the bottom” begins. Consider during the health care debate one Republican idea was to “allow more competition into the health insurance business by letting insurance companies sell policies across state lines.” More competition is good, no? In this case, no. Every state has it’s own ideas about how insurance businesses are to be run: how much can be charged, what things need to be covered, what forms need to be filed, etc. The requirements for purchasing insurance are stated fairly generically in their laws, then they regulate the businesses so that they are doing what they want. If insurance companies are allowed to sell across state lines, then the companies with the cheapest policies (and usually poorest coverage) would drive out the companies with better coverage and higher prices, a classic race to the bottom.

So, why would this be a general strategy for Republicans? What’s in it for them? Ah, now the right question is being asked. Who stands to benefit from these changes? If you answer “Republican (and Democratic) corporate masters” you are on the path to wisdom. Republican ideology (the Federal Government is bad and the less of it we have the better) always takes a back seat to making money for their big donors. For example, the Federal Government shouldn’t intrude between a doctor and his patients (unless the patient wants an abortion). The Federal Government shouldn’t interfere in foreign disputes (unless munitions dealers and military contractors can make a great deal of money). How many more can you come up with?

You see, it is all about political corruption, not political hypocrisy, which I must write more on as this is the only real problem facing us politically. No matter what problems face us, through our various government agencies, our ability to deal with those problems can be trumped by political corruption. Isolated corrupt politicians can be tolerated, but now it seems as if corrupt politicians are the majority. If we don’t deal with it and soon, there will be little left in the way of will that hasn’t already been paid for and, trust me, you and I didn’t pay for it.


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