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February 22, 2011

Republicans Claim: Government Knows Best!

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In an amazing about face Republicans across the country are now claiming that the government knows best! Even Reaganites who have gloried in the Great Communicator’s tag: “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem!” have changed their tune. Now government isn’t the problem, in fact the government knows best.” The new strategy was unveiled by the newly elected Republican Governor of Wisconsin who has drafted legislation removing the collective bargain rights of the people in the public sector because, well, in their situation there is no wise private sector CEO to govern them, so government knows best and can make the decisions needed without the interference of the people or workers.

While not referring directly to the People’s Republic of China, a country notorious for their “the government knows best” stance, Governor Walker of Wisconsin clearly is envious of the control exercised by Chinese bureaucrats. “Local school boards and other government entities need more control and the unions are just in the way,” inferred Walker in numerous statements to the press while public opinion polls sided with the unions. “I will not cave in to the voice of the people,” stated Walker, clearly in the thrall of Chinese political thought.

Republicans in state office around the country have rallied to the call for “Chinese style government” by proposing legislation to do away with unions and, if that is not possible, make the conditions for their existence so onerous that they will give up the ghost through sheer exhaustion.

A new era of Republican ideology has begun!

Okay, maybe I paraphrased a quote or two, but in essence, Republicans will do anything to help their friends and hurt their enemies, principles be dammed. How long can we in the middle class continue to take these people seriously. Having no shame, they continue to persist in their synthetic histories and ideology while keeping straight faces. In fact, being able to deliver such patent nonsense with a straight face is a requirement for leadership in the Republican party.

Death to all Charlatans!

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