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September 13, 2010

How Stupid Are We?

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There have been a couple of charts in the news lately which is good as I am a fan of informed, rational decision making and odd in that most people are not. Even some of my favorite news sources are puzzled by simple data. Take for example Rachel Maddow’s gushing over the fact that four million more Republicans voted in primary elections than did Democrats, claiming that while polls can be flakey, these were hard numbers that Democrats were in trouble! A hard number it was but considering that most Democrats were running for election from office and were much less likely to be challenged in the primaries, I don’t think this is much of a surprise. People don’t rush to the polls to vote for candidates who are going to win anyway. And the core of the Republican party, at the same time, was challenging incumbents like it was coming onto style. There are good reasons why Republicans were “energized” and Democrats were not.

But one of the charts in the news says a lot about who we are and how we think. Here it is:

The discussion of what these data show focused on how the “rich get richer” under the Republicans and only offhandedly noted that the quite rich, the top 5% of earners (the 95th percentile) actually got richer under Democratic administrations than Republican administrations.

The real import of this chart is that the data show that everyone gets richer under Democratic administration. So, on pocketbook issues, why would anyone every vote for Republicans? And why is the Republican Party, labeled the party of “big business?”

If is clear from these data that business people support Republicans in spite of the fact that they do more poorly economically. Could it possibly be because the less wealthy do even poorer?  Realize that a 2% income growth rate for everyone represents a lot more money for the top 5% of income earners as that 2% is 2% of $100,000 or more, whereas the bottom 5% is gaining 2% of under $20,000. So, the Republicans: you know, those people who oppose increases in the minimum wage, even to keep up with inflation; the Republicans for whom no CEO salary is too high, the Republicans who think people who are collecting on their unemployment insurance that they paid for are shiftless and lazy and don’t want to get jobs, are also the Republicans who are willing to gain less income . . . as long as those less wealthy are making even less.

Republicans are giving the despicable a bad name.

And they are cornering the market on “stupid.” It is the middle class that buys the goods from most businesses. As the Republicans are merrily going along gutting the middle class, they are eliminating their own customers! Even Henry Ford, a social troglodyte if ever their was one, paid his workers an astonishing $5 per day when the going rate was less than half of that because he wanted them to be able to buy one of his cars. Ford cared little about his employees and a lot about his customers. Apparently Republicans care about neither.


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